Import Images from the Web, Flickr

There is an exciting new feature out in your favorite video editor!

Import from the web, a new option to add images to your video projects, lets you type a URL or a search query to get photos and videos straight from the web!

If you enter a URL, the editor will look into that web address for large images (300 pixels minimum width or height) and videos, and let you add them into your video project.

If you type a search query, the editor will look on Flickr for images & videos you can add in your video project.

We take care of the licensing for you: all images & videos results are under the  Creative Commons Attribution only license: you have the right to use them in your videos, as long as you give attribution to the author in the video – we do that for you as well.

Last but not least, here’s a power tip: if you enter as a URL the address of one the videos you made in Stupeflix, you can import that video right into your video project. Using this feature, you can create  parts of your video to be assembled into a larger project, with each part of your video using its own music or theme.