Set the key point of your photo

This feature lets you set manually the key part of your photo, to make sure it won’t be cropped out of your video. Once you’ve set the important point in your photo, it will be shown in your video with a gentle pan and zoom effect (aka Kenburns) centered around that key point.

To set the key point of your photo, double-click on a photo or choose the “Edit” menu option for that photo, the same way you would set a custom duration for a photo, or trim a video.

With this feature you can make sure that the most important part of your picture is not left out of your video. 

Note that you can do this with the following video styles: Outline, Tiles, Comics, 1901, Snowflake, Humble and Martini 

With the theme Raw you have another kind of option: choose between “Fit Screen”, “Fill Screen (crop)” and “Fill Screen (Kenburns)”