Video Style: Classic

What kind of videos is Classic best for?

Classic is the original Stupeflix video style: a slideshow with soft effects and elegant transitions. This is a great style to showcase digital artwork: each picture and video is shown completely and on its own. The emphasis is on the pictures, videos and texts you will fill your movie project with.

What can I do in Classic that I can't do in other video styles?

In Classic you have the option to change the colors for the background and texts from black - by default - to white. Click on Project Settings to pick the Background Color. If you pick a black background then your texts will be white and if you pick a white background, texts will be black.

Why does my video look different when I make multiple previews and exports?

The Classic video style shows pictures generally in groups, with several scene animations (e.g. panning horizontally, diving in a spiral...). If your movie timeline has a sequence of multiple pictures that follow each other, Stupeflix will select randomly how images will be grouped, and which animation effect will be used to show each group. For this reason, when you make multiple previews or exports, the video will look different every time.

How can I control how pictures are grouped together in the movie?

Since pictures are grouped together automatically, you need to know a few tricks to have finer control on your movie and how pics are grouped. A first rule of thumb is that, when possible, photos tend to be grouped in sets of four, maximum five. If you want to make sure a group of photos starts or stops at a certain point in your timeline, the way to go is to add a Custom Transition at that point. You can add them by clicking on the big red plus button in your timeline or by clicking on the menu of each element.

By the way, maps are treated just as any other picture in Classic, so maps will be grouped with photos according to the same rules.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Classic video. You can either create a Title Slide that will appear on its own, between photos, or you can add a Caption on top of photos.

To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button and choose Add Title Slide. In a Title Slide, you can type in up to 7 lines of text, each line having a maximum of about 30 characters. The first line of text will be larger than the following lines.

To add a Caption, roll your mouse pointer over the picture you want to add a text to, click the down pointing arrow that appears and choose the Add Text Overlay option.

A Caption shows 1 line of text. The font size will adapt to the length of your text: the longer the text, the smaller it will appear in your video. We recommend keeping captions under 50 characters to make sure they are easy to read.

How can I change the background color from black to white?

In Classic you can choose between two visual styles for your video: Black or White. By default, Classic videos are in Black mode: the background of the video is very dark, and texts will appear in white. The White style reverses this with a bright background and a black font for the text. Click on Project Settings to pick the Background Color. Try it out, it completely changes the feel of your video!