Video Style: Outline

What kind of videos is Outline best for?

Outline is a great video style to tell a story, while presenting pictures with stylish transitions.

In the Outline style you can combine photos, videos, maps, text slides, and add soundtracks, legends, transitions, text spoken by computer voices.

Outline works best for videos where the whole focus is the experience itself: it typically presents nicely landscape, nature and flower or travel pictures for example.

Why does my video look different when I make multiple previews and exports?

The Outline style has lots of effects to show groups of images (pictures and maps). If your timeline has a sequence of multiple pictures that follow each other, Stupeflix will select randomly effects and transitions between these images, so when you make multiple previews or exports, the video may look a bit different each time. If you are satisfied with a particular preview, just hit export and it will keep the effects you had in the preview.

I don't want the fancy transitions, how do I just show my pictures in full screen?

Adding custom transitions before and after each picture or other visual element will show them one by one, in full screen in the video.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Outline video. You can either create a Title Slide that will appear on its own, between photos, or you can add a Caption on top of photos.

To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button and choose "Add Title Slide". Once created you can drag and drop it where you want in your timeline.

In a Title Slide, you can type in up to 3 lines of text, each line having a maximum of about 35 characters.

To add a Caption, roll your mouse pointer over the picture you want to add a text to, click the down pointing arrow that appears and choose the Add Text Overlay option.

A Caption shows 2 lines of text. The font size will adapt to the length of your text: the longer the text, the smaller it will appear in your video. We recommend keeping captions under 50 characters to make sure they are easy to read.

The top or bottom of my photo got cut off. How to avoid that?

In Outline, your photos are shown in full screen between transitions. If you upload photos in portrait mode, they will be cropped a bit to fit in the landscape format of the video. We added a useful feature so you can make sure that the most important part of your photo does not get cut off. To do that, just double-click your photo in the timeline, and set the key point for your photo. You can learn more about this in this blogpost.