Video Style: Unreel

What kind of videos is Unreel best for?

Unreel develops your digital media on professional photo studio reel. This is the perfect video style to showcase a photo shoot, and turn your photos into a story.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Unreel video. You can either create a Title Slide that will appear on its own, between photos, or you can add a Caption on top of photos.
To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button in your timeline and choose Add title slide. In a Title Slide, you can enter a block of text up to about 150 characters long. You can enter up to 6 lines of text.
To add a Caption, mouse over the photo you want to add a caption to, open the menu and selectAdd Text Overlay option. A Caption in Unreel can show 1 line of text with a maximum of about 35 characters.