Video Style: Top 10

What kind of videos is Top 10 best for?

Turn your lists of favorite things into beautiful videos that look produced for TV! Top 10 makes Best Of videos from your photos and clips, introducing each one in a countdown to number 1. Keep in mind that the image that is number 1 will appear at the end of your video.

What can I do in Top 10 that I can't do in other video styles

Top 10 is a special video style with many special features.
In Top 10 you can add custom intro & outro scenes. Tell your friends what this Top 10 is about and write a bit about yourself for example in the outro scene for the credits.
You can choose among five color patterns to dress your video in distinctive style: orange, green, purple, red or a special effect we called flare.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

In Top 10 you cannot add Title slides (you cannot add maps either), only captions.
To add a Caption on top of a photo, video or map: open the menu for that item and selectAdd Text Overlay.
Captions will show 2 lines of text, with up to 30 characters.

How can I have a group of photos for each countdown instead of just one?

You will have to use a little trick to do that: make a first video with all your pictures and then make another video - the Top 10 video - where you import the first video. Check out this blogpost that explains the steps in details.