Video Style: Interview

What kind of videos is Interview best for?

Interview makes it super easy to create a professional-looking interview videos. But Interview works great with any other kind of video, be it for business or for fun, it's up to you!

What can I do in Interview that I can't do in other video styles?

Interview will fit your picture to the screen, meaning you will see your pictures in full, a good fit for portrait pictures for example. 
With this video style you have the option to choose the background color: either black or white.
Click on "Project Settings" to pick the Background Color.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button and choose Add Title Slide. 
For text slides: the top line can have a maximum of 18 characters and the bottom lines can have up to 4 lines.
To add a Caption, roll your mouse pointer over the picture you want to add a text to, click the down pointing arrow that appears and choose the Add Text Overlay option.
For captions: the top line can have a maximum of 23 characters and the bottom line can have a maximum of 39 characters.