Video Style: Snowflakes

What kind of videos is Snowflakes best for?

Snowflakes is a stylish Holiday style - designed to easily make greetings people will remember.
Photos are full screen, with simple transitions, text comes over snow crystals... with 3 available styles.

What can I do in Snowflakes that I can't do in other video styles?

Snowflakes packs plenty of special features: 3 different visual styles, special options for Text Slides and Captions, and special Custom Transitions.
There are 3 visual styles in Snowflakes: Snowflakes Day, Snowflakes Night and Snowflakes Fizz. Each style uses different colors for text, backgrounds and transitions, make sure to try them all! Click on "Project Settings" to change the style Variation.
Another special feature of Snowflakes are the 4 Holiday themed custom transitions. These transitions will show stylish snowflakes animated between photos and videos. To add a custom transition you can either click on thebig red plus button and choose Add Custom Transition or click on the menu of an element and choose Insert Custom Transition. Double-click the Custom Transition to change its style.
In Snowflakes you also have a special Zoom & Pan option when you double-click on an image: by default it is set on "automatic" but you can choose a key point if needed. This lets you set manually the key part of your photo, to make sure it won’t be cropped out of your video. Once you’ve set the important point in your photo, it will be shown in your video with a gentle pan and zoom effect (aka Kenburns) centered around that key point.
This option is available for the following video styles: Tiles, Martini, Comics, 1901, Diamond and Humble.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Snowflakes video: Title Slides that show text on its own, or Captions to show text on top of photos. 
In Snowflakes you also have options to position the text in your Title Slide or Caption.
To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button and choose Add Title Slide.
If you double-click a Title Slide, you will be able to position it either in the center or in the bottom right corner. Title Slides show 1 line of text, up to 25 characters long.
To add a Caption on top of a photo, video or map: open the menu for that item and selectAdd Text Overlay.
If you double-click a photo Caption, you have 4 styling options: lower-third - bottom left or centered - or as a Title Slide - bottom right or centered. 
Captions will show 1 line of text, with up to 40 characters in lower-third mode, and up to 25 characters in Title Slide mode. 
The color of the text will be red if you pick Snowflakes Day and white for Snowflake Night or Fizz.