Pro Video Style: Raw

What kind of videos is Raw best for?

Raw gives you total control. You decide how photos show on the screen, where text is placed. This style has many features to let you completely personnalize your video.
This video style is perfect for simple video editing, photos and clips show in sequence with simple cut transitions.

What can I do in Raw that I can't do in other video styles?

Raw packs plenty of special features.
If you click on the menu Project Settings you can choose a background color (white or black) and a font (Maven, Bariol, Nevis, Mark Sans or Steelfish).
For each picture in your timeline you can choose between three Zoom & Pan options: Fit screen, Fill screen (crop) or Fill screen (Kenburns)
When you add a caption on an element you can choose the font color (white or black) and also the text position(any corner or center)

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Raw video: Title Slides that show text on its own, or Captions to show text on top of photos. 
To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button and choose Add Title Slide.
In a Title Slide, you can type in up to 7 lines of text. On each line you can add as much text as you want, the longer the text the smaller the font will be: keep it short to make sure you can be read! 
To add a Caption on top of a photo, video or map: open the menu for that item and selectAdd Text Overlay.
If you double-click a photo Caption, you have 4 position options: any corner or center. You can also choose thecolor of the text (white or black).
A Caption in Raw shows up to 7 lines of text and as many characters as you want. The font size will adapt to the length of your text: the longer the text, the smaller it will appear in your video. So try to keep it short!

What do the options Zoom & Pan do?

For each picture in your timeline you can choose:

  • Fit screen: your picture will not be cropped and will be displayed entirely, a great option for portrait pictures. You can set the key point of your picture.
  • Fill screen – crop: your picture will be cropped to fill the screen.
  • Fill screen – Kenburns: your picture will be cropped to fill the screen and will also have a Kenburns effect around the key point you set on your picture.