Pro Video Style: Humble

What kind of videos is Humble best for?

Humble displays simplicity and elegance. No bells and whistles, just your photos, your videos, and your words, in full screen.
This is a great video style to make professional looking videos, and edit video rushes together.

What can I do in Humble that I can't do in other video styles?

In Humble you have a special Zoom & Pan option when you double-click on an image: by default it is set on "automatic" but you can choose a key point if needed. This lets you set manually the key part of your photo, to make sure it won’t be cropped out of your video. Once you’ve set the important point in your photo, it will be shown in your video with a gentle pan and zoom effect (aka Kenburns) centered around that key point.
This option is available for the following video styles: Tiles, Comics, 1901, Snowflakes, Diamond and Martini.

How can I add text to my video? How long can it be?

There are two ways you can add text to a Humble video. You can either create a Title Slide that will appear on its own, between photos, or you can add a Caption on top of photos.
To add a Title Slide, click on the big red plus button in your timeline and choose Add title slide.
In a Title Slide, you can type in up to 7 lines of text, the first line of text will be larger than the following lines. On each line you can add as much text as you want, the longer the text the smaller the font will be: keep it short to make sure you can be read! 
To add a Caption on top of a photo, video or map: open the menu for that item and selectAdd Text Overlay.
A Caption in Humble shows 1 line of text and as many characters as you want. The font size will adapt to the length of your text: the longer the text, the smaller it will appear in your video. We recommend keeping captions under 50 characters to keep it easy to read.