Copyright and licences

Can I use Stupeflix videos to promote my business?

In order to have the rights to use a video made on Stupeflix for any business purpose, you need a PRO or RESELLER plan.
Videos created with a PRO plan have a commercial license, so they can be used to promote your company or personal business.
Videos created with a RESELLER plan have both a commercial and a resell license, so they can be used to promote your company or business, and can also be sold to businesses which will get commercial rights to use the video.

If my PRO plan has expired, can I keep using the videos I made for my business?

Yes. If you have created a video under a PRO plan, you can use it for your business even if your plan has expired. The same holds true for RESELLER plan: if you have made videos with a RESELLER plan, you can still sell them to businesses after your RESELLER plan expires.

Can I resell Stupeflix videos?

With a PRO plan, you can use your videos for your own business or company, but you cannot sell your videos to other businesses. You can however sell the video to other people - as long as they are not businesses.

You need to subscribe to a RESELLER plan to have the right to sell videos made on Stupeflix to other businesses.

For example, a photographer can sell a wedding video to a couple they shot the wedding for with the PRO plan, but an online marketer needs a RESELLER plan to sell a video ad to a local business.

If you sell a video made with a PRO plan to another business, your customer will not have the rights to use the video (commercial license) and will be infringing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act copyright laws. With a RESELLER plan, you'll automatically transfer commercial rights to use the video to your customer when selling it.

Can I let other people use my account to create videos?

Accounts and plans are personal. When you purchase a plan, you purchase a personal license to use the Stupeflix software, and you acquire a license to use the videos (for personal or commercial use depending on the plan). Each account authorises one open session at a given time.

Are there special plans or discounts for education?

Absolutely! We offer a special Education Plan for teachers and schools.

Can you make custom video themes for my business?

Corporate customers use Stupeflix with themes that are custom designed for their business. If you are interested in getting a custom theme for your business,  contact us and we'll be happy to provide a quote. Also if you have ideas for new themes to be included for everyone, please let us know!

How do I know if I have the right to use an image or video or music?

Copyrights laws are crucial to respect and protect authors. We can access an endless supply of images, music and videos on the Internet, but it doesn't make it ok to take it and include it in our own work. By agreeing to our  Terms of Use, you agree not to include in your videos work (images, videos, music or text) which you don't have the license to use. A good rule of thumb is that "stuff found on the Internet" cannot be used to make derivative work (including it in a video is considered 'derivative work') unless clearly stated otherwise by the author. To help you with the music part, we built a library of more than 100 music tracks for which we have cleared all the licensing rights for you.

Copyright laws is a complicated and important subject, and  Creative Commons is an organisation trying to make it easier for authors and users like you. They offer an excellent free search site which can help you find media that you can rightfully use for your video project.

How do I report a copyright violation, and how do you respond to such reports?

We take copyright violation seriously. If you believe a Stupeflix user has infringed upon your copyrighted content without your permission, please follow the directions related to DMCA in our  Terms of Use to report the alleged violation.

We will respond to all notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), including removing the content immediately. Stupeflix reserves the right to terminate a user account and related videos in accordance with our Terms of Use.