03- Add texts

There are two ways you can add text to your movie: you can either create a  Title Slide that will appear on its own, between photos, or you can add a Caption on top of photos, videos, maps.

To add a title slide, click on the big red plus in your timeline and choose "Add Title Slide".
To add a caption, roll your mouse pointer over the photo you want to add text to, click the down pointing arrow that appears and choose the "Add Text Overlay" option.

The amount of text that can be displayed in a title slide or caption depends on the style you chose. We recommend keeping texts as short as possible:  people do not watch videos to read!
If text shows too small or is cut off, the best way to fix it is to place shorter text, either by reducing the text or splitting the text on multiple text slides.

Text customisation options are available in some styles: text font, color or position can be changed in Raw, a PRO exclusive video style.