04- Add music

Each video can have two main audio tracks which will start playing at the same time.

An audio track can be a song chosen from our library, or a song or voice-over file uploaded from your computer. You can upload MP3 and WAV audio files in Stupeflix. OGG and WMA files are not supported. The maximum size for audio files is  30MB.

You can add a soundtrack to your global project (link "Add a Soundtrack" on the top of your timeline) or you can add your audio on each element by clicking on the menu of the element and choosing "Add Audio Overlay".

You can edit the volume of the global soundtrack of your video by clicking on the down pointing arrow (right side of the green bar). More info on how to manage volume in your video in this blogpost.

If you add two songs to your movie project, they will start playing at the same time... which you probably don't want.

So to make a video with two songs playing one after another, you need to create two videos, each with its own soundtrack, and combine these two videos into a third one using "Import from the web". A detailed guideline on how to do this in this blogpost.

If your video is longer than your audio, there is an option to loop your audio.

Power tip: You can drag and drop an audio file (green element) on top of a text slide, to synchronise a sound or recorded voice with a title slide.