06- Add custom transitions

Transitions are a great way to structure your video, or to force a photo to appear by itself

To manually add transitions between elements, you can either use the big red plus button in your timeline and choose "Add Custom Transition" or you can click on the  menu of a single element and choose "Insert Custom Transition".

There are usually 6 custom transitions available, try them all! : 

  • Fade to Black
  • Fade to White
  • Crossfade
  • Blur
  • Cube
  • Sharp Cut 

Fade-to-black and fade-to-white transitions will have an effect an the duration of the element it will shorten a bit the previous image. Other transitions have no effect on the duration of your elements.
In your video timeline, transitions will be represented by a small square between the visual elements (pictures, videos and so on). To change an existing custom transition, double-click on the small square.