09- Video and element duration

The video will show all the visual elements in your timeline (photos, video clips, text slides, maps, transitions) in the order they are inserted. Once this is done the video will stop, even if the background music has not finished playing (the audio will fade out).

The  total duration of the video is the sum of the durations of each element and transitions - not the duration of the music.
We tell you the approximate duration of your video as you are making it in the editor: look for the  video project duration at the bottom of the screen.

The maximum duration of videos made on Stupeflix is  20 minutes.

You can set a  custom duration to display a photo, map or text slide for exactly how long you want. To do that, double-click on the photo (or map, or Text Slide), and tick the checkbox that says "Custom duration". You can now set for exactly how long this element will be shown in your video. To fine tune things to the tenth of second you can enter decimal values.

You can change the  overall speed of your videos by setting how long you want photos to be shown. 
By default each photo - or map or text slide - will be shown for about  5 seconds. You can give your video a faster pace with 3 seconds per photo, or a slower pace with 7 seconds per photo. 
To change the pace of your video, open the Project Settings menu on the right side, and choose between  Slow, Normal and Fast for the pace of your video.
Note: this feature is not available in the Comics style.