The video is not playing the entire song

The duration of a Stupeflix video is set by how many photos you add to your timeline, not the duration of the background music.

The vast majority of our users want to make a slideshow with music in the background, as opposed to a music video with one or more pictures as a backdrop to the music. To play the whole song in the video you need to add more photos or video clips.

Here's how to make the video last as long of your music: 

  • Look at the bottom of your screen for the "video project duration". This tells you how long your video will be once you produce it. 
  • Now add just enough pictures and videos and title slides so your video is just as long as your music is.
  • If you have too many, or not enough pictures, you can set the global pace for your video to be faster and slower, which will make your video shorter or longer for the same amount of photos. Change the overall pace of your video in the "Theme Options" menu.