The Video Assistant

What's Video Assistant?

Video Assistant is a free service Stupeflix offers to its users. Connect your Facebook account, and Video Assistant will start making videos for you. You will receive an email when a new video comes out, you should get one about once a week. You can choose to have these videos shared with our friends on Facebook, or not.

What kind of videos will Video Assistant make?

Video Assistant will make a video when new photos are added to your Facebook photo albums, or to show you the photos posted by your friends during last week, or to remind you what was happening a year ago. Depending on what we hear from users we will add more stories and services like Instagram and Dropbox, so tell us what you think!

How do I turn Video Assistant on or off?

To turn Video Assistant on or off, just go to your account page. In addition to turning Video Assistant on or off, you can also change its sharing settings.

I don't want these videos shared on Facebook, how do I change that?

We never post videos on your Facebook wall without your permission. When you turn Video Assistant on for the first time, we ask you wether you would like the videos to be shared on your wall. If you want to keep getting videos from Video Assistant, but do not want them to be shared on Facebook, you can change the sharing settings anytime in your account page.

How can I download a video made by Video Assistant?

Videos made for you by Video Assistant can be shared, upgraded to HD, or edited. In order to download the video, you first need to either upgrade it to HD, or edit it in a project to export it.