Adding students via email

How do I add students to my classroom account?

To add students individually, go to the students management page and click the "Add individual students button". Now enter 1 email address per student - using the Tab key to add a new line - and submit. 

Your students will receive an email invitation asking them to join your virtual classroom on Stupeflix. So make sure with your IT department that is white-listed. If student can't get emails from Stupeflix they basically can't use Stupeflix.

Students will need to click the link in their invitation email and follow the steps - either create or login to their account - to join your classroom. Once they've done that, you will see them in the students management page, and you will be able to access their videos or remove them.

What if I don't have students email addresses?

If you do not have access to students email addresses, you can easily create accounts for them, by using email address aliases in Gmail. In order to do everything yourself, there is an important subtlety: you need to use 2 different browsers, one to invite students and another one to create the student accounts*. 
Here's how it works:

  1. In browser 1, create a gmail account (ex: for the classroom and use it to create an Education Account on Stupeflix
  2. In browser 1, invite a student using an alias, e.g.
  3. In browser 2, make sure you are logged out of Stupeflix, and check the email inbox for you should see the invitation sent to - click the link in the invitation email.
  4. In browser 2, follow the steps on to create the account for - use a different password from the classroom account, otherwise students will be able to log in to the classroom account.
  5. In browser 2, log out of Stupeflix - so you can create the account of the next student.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for the other students. You're done!

If this still sounds like too much work, and your school or district provides email accounts for students under one website domain, try linking the school domain to your classroom account!

* If you do not have access to 2 browsers, then you just need to log out of your Stupeflix Classroom Account after inviting students in step 2.

Why is an invited student account ineligible?

If a student you want to invite already has a Stupeflix Account enrolled in another Classroom Account, then she will get a message saying that she can't join your classroom. This can happen if another teacher has created another Classroom Account and has invited the same student. In order to avoid this, try inviting the student using another email address, so she can have two Stupeflix Accounts, one for each classroom.

Note: If teachers are part of the same Stupeflix for Schools account, then students can join multiple classroom within the same school.

I've sent the invitations, but I don't see my students...

When you send an invitation to students, they receive an email asking them to join your virtual classroom on Stupeflix. Until they have clicked the link in the invitation email and created their account, you will not see them in your students management page.