Linking a school website domain

What does that mean?

Linking a website domain is a great way for all your students to join your classroom without having to send email invitations, or having to create individual student accounts. It works for schools and districts where all students have an email address under the same website domain. For instance, if all teachers and students have an email for the school in the form of, then linking the website domain to your Classroom Account will instantly allow all students to join your classroom when registering to Stupeflix with their school email.

How does that work?

If all students have an email like, then go to the students management page and click the Link a website domain button. Enter your school domain without the http://www. part, e.g., and click Submit. Your request will be sent to Stupeflix staff who will review it for eligibility. We may send you verification questions via email. Expect 2 business days for your website domain to be approved. Once approved, any user creating an account on Stupeflix with an email address matching your domain will instantly join your classroom.

What domains are eligible?

In order to be eligible, the submitted website domain must be directly attributed to the school, or school district, or education institution in which the account owner is identified as teacher or school administrator.

Do I need my school to be using Google Apps?

Schools using Google Apps for Education will find the website domain option very useful. However, you do not need your school to be using Google Apps to be able to link its domain to your Classroom Account. Any eligible domain will work, whichever IT system manages students accounts. This being said, there are additional benefits to using Stupeflix with Google Apps for Education: if your school uses Google Apps, you can ask your school IT administrator to add Stupeflix to the Google Apps accessible to students. After that, students will have 1-click access to Stupeflix from their Google account.

My school domain is already reserved, what do I do?

A school website domain can only be linked to one Classroom or School Account on Stupeflix. If your school website domain is already reserved, it is probably because another teacher at your school has already linked the domain to their Stupeflix Account. In this case, your school may consider getting a Stupeflix account for the whole school, so all teachers can have access to all students within the school domain.

Can I link multiple domains?

Yes! Some schools have a different domain for teachers and students accounts, so we made sure to add that possibility.

Some of my students are outside of the school website domain, what do I do?

In addition to linking your school website domain, you can invite other students individually via email. All students who join your classroom via the email invitations, or the school domain, will be found in your students management page.

Can I specify which people within my website domain can join my classroom?

Once your school website domain is linked to your Classroom Account, anyone who will create a Stupeflix Account using an email matching your domain will instantly join your classroom. You cannot exclude individual users whom email matches your linked domain to join your classroom. However, if you find in your students management pageusers who are not your students, you can remove them.