Setting up teacher accounts and classrooms

How do I setup teacher accounts?

In a School Account, the account owner, or existing teachers within the school, can select individual users and upgrade them to teacher status. To setup a teacher account, the teacher needs to first join the School Account by registering to Stupeflix, just like students, either using an email matching a linked school website domain, or via en email invitation. Once the teacher has joined, her account will be found in the Edu users management page. To upgrade the Edu User to teacher status, select the Upgrade to teacher option in the contextual menu for that user.

What permissions do teachers have on Stupeflix?

Once a Edu User has been upgraded to teacher status in a School Account, she has access to the  Edu User management page where she can select Edu Users to join her classroom, access students accounts and videos andwatch, edit or delete their videos, and upgrade other Edu Users as teachers. Teachers can also make unlimited 720p videos - of resolution 1280x720, where other Edu Users can only make 360p videos - of resolution 640x360.

How do teachers invite students to join their classroom?

To enroll students in their classroom, teachers access the  Edu User management page, and search within the existing Edu Users individual students, who can be enrolled by clicking on the star icon next to their name.

Can a student join multiple classrooms?

Yes, multiple teachers can select the same Edu Users as students in their classroom. All teachers will be able to  access and manage the videos made by their enrolled student.

How can I add individual teachers or students outside of the school website domain?

If some students are not visible in the  Edu User management page, it means they have not yet registered to Stupeflix. If they have an email account within a website domain which has been linked to the School Account, then the student just needs to register to Stupeflix. Otherwise the student needs to be invited individually via email.