Developers and API

Can I embed the Stupeflix video editor on my site?

There are two ways to add video creation to your site using Stupeflix. You can either create a user interface and have your application call the Stupeflix API to render videos on-demand, or you can integrate the Stupeflix video editor - via iframe - within your site. In either case you will first need to  get an API plan.

Our video editor can be styled via CSS, has some configuration options (video profiles, user flow, video file destinations), and can accommodate custom video themes. 

What is the Stupeflix API? What is it for?

The Stupeflix API is the video rendering engine at the core of Stupeflix, available as a web service to third-party developers. It powers web and mobile applications by creating custom videos on-demand and at customer scale. The API takes as input an XML file describing the composition of the video and outputs a video file in any resolution and format. Stupeflix API has already created more than 10 million videos for its customers.

Who uses the Stupeflix API?

The Stupeflix API is used by developers and advertisers of all stripes.

Brands and agencies use the Stupeflix API to power digital marketing campaigns in which users can personalize and share branded videos via web, mobile or Facebook applications. Past customers include Digitas, Miller Lite, Visa, Sprint, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Procter & Gamble, and many others.

Classified sites use the Stupeflix API to automatically create video presentations of their listings and virtual tours. E-commerce websites use the Stupeflix API to automatically create product videos for their whole catalog. Online directories use the Stupeflix API and the Stupeflix Studio with custom templates to create automatically or manually video ads for small businesses.

How do I get started with the Stupeflix API?

Just go to to find documentation and create a free test account. SDKs are on Github.