Music in your video

Each video can have two audio tracks which will start playing at the same time.  

An audio track can be:

  • a song chosen from our library, 
  • or a voice-over file uploaded from your computer, 
  • or text spoken by a computer voice (Text-to-Speech PRO feature). 

The audio can be put either on the whole video, it will be shown like this, under the name of your video:

You can change the volume of the global soundtrack by clicking on the down pointing arrow on the right side of the green bar. There you can also loop your audio.

The audio can also be added on a single element (text slide or picture for example) to synchronise a sound or recorded voice with this element, it's shown like that. 

You can also change the volume by clicking on the down pointing arrow on the music element

If you want to have  two songs playing one after the other here are two ways how to do it:

1/ Two videos combined:

Make one video using the first song, click on “produce & share” to finish
Make a second video using the second song, click on “produce & share” to finish
Make a third video: Click “Add picture”and choose "Import from the web": here copy and paste the link of the first video you’ve just made and do it again for the second video.
Now you have the 2 first videos in your third video. You can  trim the videos if needed.
Don’t pick a soundtrack for this third video
You have a video with two songs playing one after the other.

2/ Two songs combined:

Another workaround would be to use  audio software on your computer to queue up two or more songs, one after another, in a single MP3 file, and using that file for your Stupeflix video.
For our Mac users  GarageBand will do the trick, for Windows, Mac and Linux you can try Audacity. You can find other tools here.

Hope this helps and here is for you a demo video using two songs one after the other.
I combined two videos and picked two different video themes to make it even better: