20 great songs for your videos

Of course you are probably thinking that your own music is much better than any of our tracks from our music library.

But remember those  copyright issues? YouTube adds advertisements on top of your video if you don’t have a license and Facebook will simply delete your video if it uses copyrighted music.
So our music library is the best solution to keep you from all those troubles.

To help you choose, I have made a short selection for you of  20 cool songs from our music library.


  1. If I Was Your Father – Reclinerland in Pop/Rock
  2. Love Spell – Ryan Huston in Pop/Rock
  3. What It’s All About – Charles J Tan in Pop/Rock
  4. Time To Rock the Party – Siamese Sex Show in Urban
  5. New Skin Completed – Stephanie Schneiderman in Country
  6. Happy Days – Woody in Pop/Rock
  7. This Life – Ryan Huston in Pop/Rock
  8. Touchdown – Stephanie Schneiderman in Orchestral
  9. Epic – My Hero in Urban
  10. After all – The Rosenbergs in Pop/Rock


  1. Tiger Rag – Terry Waldo in Jazz
  2. A Moment in the Life… – Dax Johnson in Orchestral
  3. Peones & Coyotes – Stefano Mainetti in Orchestral
  4. Always On Time (instrumental) – Mnemonic Sounds in Electronic
  5. Cape Kiwanda – Samm in Orchestral
  6. Copic Cabana – McKenzie Stubbert in Orchestral
  7. Gavotte – Apollo Chamber Ensemble in Orchestral
  8. Song for Til – Wes Houle in Country
  9. Melancholy French Waltz – Mike Goudreau in World
  10. Nocturne In Blue – Samm in Orchestral

My personal favorite is “What it’s All About” by Charles J Tan that I’ve used for this summer video.
What’s yours?