The Video Assistant: making films with your Facebook pictures

Some of you may already know what the Video Assistant is about, some may not, so I thought a quick recap could help.

The Video Assistant is a free service Stupeflix offers to its users. If you connect your Facebook account and activate the Video Assistant it will start making videos for you.

The Video Assistant will make a video when:

  • new photos are added to your Facebook photo albums
  • to show you the photos posted by your friends during last week
  • to remind you what was happening a year ago.

You will receive an  email when a new video comes out, you should get one about once a week.
You will know if the video was created by the Video Assistant, it is shown on the page of your video, above its name.

The Video Assistant uses a random video style as well as a random music to create your video.
Videos made for you by the Video Assistant are in 360p, they can be shared, upgraded to HD, or edited. In order to download the video, you first need to either upgrade it to HD (720p), or edit it in a project to export it. 

Of course the activation of the Video Assistant is up to you and we don’t publish videos on your wall without your consent.
You can choose to activate it or deactivate it under the menu “Your Account”.
You also have the option to share the video – or not – with your friends on your Facebook wall, that’s your call.