Education plan: up to 100 students for FREE!

You can apply to our  Education Plan here. If your project is accepted, then you will see that you have now the option to “Manage your Students” next to your name on the top bar.

To manage your students you can either:

  • add individual accounts
  • link a website domain (enter your school domain without the http://www. part, e.g.
  • WARNING: make sure that is white-listed because your students will receive an email invitation asking them to join your virtual classroom on Stupeflix.

    Add up to  100 students to your account so that you and your students have access to the EDU features.

    Once you have set up your account with your students, you can:
    - watch, edit or delete videos created by students
    - upgrade a member to teacher status so this person can also watch, edit and delete student videos. A teacher can favorite student.

    The EDU plan gives you the same advantages as the  Personal Plan:
    * All video styles
    * Unlimited 360p exports
    * Private videos
    * Unlimited downloads
    * Save & manage videos in your account
    * HD upgrade option – $5/video