Send yourself a video from the past

Here is a fun idea to do on a rainy day or a lazy week-end, or I guess whenever you feel like it: write yourself an email that you will receive at a later date that you specify.
It’s a fun and free service from
I have tested it and received an email that I wrote myself four months ago, it was a complete surprise since, of course, I had completely forgotten about it!

My personal tip: add a link of a Stupeflix memory video you made!
You’re going on a vacation with your family next summer, send an email about the summer vacation that has just ended with the accompanying photo slideshow. You plan on meeting your friend in a couple of months, send along with your mail a fun film compiling pictures of you two. Expecting a rough time in your life, send yourself a nice message to cheer you up with an inspirational video to tell you how great you are. :)
You could use a video theme like 1901 for example to give it a retro look.

It’s a fun surprise and you’ll be delighted to find it in your mailbox!