Real Estate videos

Many of our Pro users choose Stupeflix for Real Estate Videos: it's a great way to promote your listings in a brand new light.

  • Show the apartments and houses for sale in their best lights using high quality photos.
  • Impress your customers by adding video clips, they will bring more depth to your presentation.
  • Locate the place using a map, zoom in or out depending on what you want to show.
  • Inform about the property and your services using text slides and captions. You can even add a voice-over.
  • Animate your video by using one of our 450 soundtracks licensed for commercial use or even the text-to-speech feature for pros.
  • Share your video with your customers through social media, Facebook, YouTube or embed it directly to your website.

Read what Jakie Ng and John Marshall, two of our Pro customers in the real estate business have to say about Stupeflix and the Studio. Watch their videos to give you an idea of what can be done.

“Stupeflix has become a vital part in the marketing of my Real Estate Business. Partner with opportunities offered in Facebook and Twitter, I am able to target my customers to whom this listing would be of most interest and present this in an exciting and visually appealing manner.
The choices in video themes are good, clean and easy for anyone to create. They fit a wide range of occasions and can be customized with little ease and experience.
My customers are impressed with the quality of the videos and are excited to share with their friends via social media! I’ll continue to use Stupeflix for a long time and am very excited when they add new theme and music to their library.
Thanks Stupeflix for all your hard work!”

Jakie Ng – RE/MAX river city

“We have used Stupeflix to create animated slideshows for property images for over a year now. The site is easy to use, integrates well with YouTube and produces a good quality output. We have had minor problems with music copyright but have been able to resolve that.
We find that the video gives our vendors something to pass onto their friends via social media and gives prospective purchasers an easy and relaxing way to view the property.
Well worth the subscription!”

John Marshall – P.M.C. Hill Real Estate