Promote your business in video

Ever thought of  making a video to promote your business?
Be it for real estate, marketing, tourism, hotel, products or services, making a video to present what you do is a great way to achieve your goals.

Here are some ideas on how to use videos for your business:

  • Advertise your products and services: this is the most obvious use of videos, show your products and add texts or voice to explain how they are special.
  • Introduce yourself: you know the “About us” section on your website, lots to read and not that much impact, try taking the most important ideas and to present them yourself or with voice-over in a video.
  • Inform and communicate: you may need to inform about dates or events, give instructions for a products or updates on a project.
  • Gather testimonials: customer testimonials are a great help to promote your business. Interview your satisfied customers while showing the result of the work done for them.
  • Make yourself memorable: your service is participative, your clients interact with your product in some way? Take pictures and make videos that you can send them afterwards. A great way to make sure people remember you.

Big companies, start-ups, small businesses, organizations, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you catch the attention of your customers and a video is a great tool for that. But make sure that your medias are of high quality, no blurry or low resolution pictures.
You can  publish it on social networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you can also burn it on a CD, or play it on TV in your office.

Stupeflix has great  pro themes for business videos: Raw, Humble or Martini.
Depending on your business and the effect you want you could use other themes like Classic,  Outline or Unreel.
Pro subscribers have access to special features: text-to-speech, unbranded videos, unbranded pages and call-to-action button.

Here is an example of a business video for art classes: the creations for the students nicely advertise the class.