Speed up or slow down your videos

You know how you already have the possibility in the Stupeflix Studio to trim or reverse the video clips uploaded in your video: well now you can also speed-them-up or s l o w-t h e m-d o w n and it’s easy as a click! Don’t need an iPhone 5s to make your own slow motion movie!

Here is how you do it:

  • Click on your video clip, choose “Edit”
  • Here you’ll see the options to change the volume, the speed and reverse the video.
  • To make your video go faster, move the cursor to the right: the fastest being 5x.
  • To make you video go slower, move it to the left: the slowest being 0.2x
  • The length of the video clip as well as the duration of your global video will be updated.

The fun thing is that you can  combine all options: play your video clips in reverse at normal speed, faster or slower! The sound of your video clips will also play accordingly, very slow or very fast, although videos in reverse have no sound.

Here is a quick how-to video:

Make awesome videos using all features available to your videos clips!

The following video uses all options available: slowing down video clips, speeding them up or playing them in reverse! The result is quite cool and impressive I would say. 

Oh and a special credit too for the music that comes from our music library, I think it’s a great one, matching perfectly the spirit of my video: Hollywood – Walter Meego, that you can find under “Electronic”.