Get your video duration right

Your video will show all the visual elements in your timeline (photos, video clips, text slides, maps, transitions) in the order they are inserted.
Once this is done the video will stop, even if the background music has not finished playing (the audio will fade out): the total duration of the video is the sum of the durations of each element and transitions – not the duration of the music.

1/ Project duration

You will see the approximate project duration at the bottom of the editor. To have the exact duration, add 2 seconds to it (being the duration of the Stupeflix logo at the end)
So if you want that your video is as long as your audio make sure to compare the audio length with your global project duration.

The duration of your project will be influenced by:

  • the elements in your projects (titles, photos, videos)
  • the pace of your project

You can change the pace of your projects – meaning how fast / how slow the elements will be displayed – by clicking in the  project settings and choosing between three options:

  • Slow: each image or text slides will be displayed for approximatively 2 seconds
  • Normal: each image or text slides will be displayed for approximatively 3 seconds
  • Fast: each image or text slides will be displayed for approximatively 6 seconds

2/ Element duration

Each element (image, map, title slide) can have a  custom duration. You can set this custom duration by double clicking on the element.
As far as the uploaded videos are concerned you can  crop them by clicking on “edit”, which influences the duration of your project.
The custom duration will be displayed on the picture/text slide you have modified. The minimum duration for an element is  0.5 seconds (displayed in the timeline as 1)

3/ Effect of transitions

Fade-to-black and fade-to-white transitions will have an effect an the duration of the element it will shorten a bit the previous image.
Other transitions have no effect on the duration of your elements.

The maximum duration of videos made on Stupeflix is  20 minutes. Keep in mind that making such a long video will take a lot of time to generate, it is preferable to make two shorter videos than a big one.

Here a screenshot of my video you can see that I have set custom durations.