Bachelor Party Video!!!

So you had planned to go grocery shopping or maybe your mom had invited you over for tea and then suddenly your whole world goes upside down, some crazy friends are knocking on your door at 7 am, but seriously it’s Sunday, what’s happening?! Well I guess  that’s your bachelor party coming to you!!!

And from now on it may go from crazy to crazier but hey you take it all because that’s what it is all about.
Ok you may look ridiculous in the outfit your friends found for you, ok bungee jumping in Vegas is not exactly what you had in mind when you said “fun activities”, hugging strangers in the street neither… but  don’t forget to take pictures and to film the best parts because you will want to remember those crazy moments or someday show your kids how cool of a parent you are?
Gather the  photos and the videos and transform them into a film that you can share with the great friends who planned this day for you.

So bachelors and bachelorettes enjoy this great time with your best friends, because… this is kind of the last time you’ll have fun, ever…
Of course NOT because wait until you see your  bachelor party video on your wedding day, that’s going to be something!

Do you have a great bachelor party video to share with us?