Raw: features for professional videos

Raw is a great theme to give your videos a professional look. It gives you more control on each elements in your video thanks to its special features.

In your project settings you can choose:

  • Background color: black or white
  • Font: Maven, Bariol, Nevis, Mark Sans or Steelfish

For your pictures and videos you can choose to:

  • Fit screen: your picture will not be cropped and will be displayed entirely, a great option for portrait pictures. You can set the key point of your picture
  • Fill screen – crop: your picture will be cropped to fill the screen
  • Fill screen – Kenburns: your picture be cropped to fill the screen and will also have a Kenburns effect around the key point you set on your picture

When you add a captions on a photo or video you can choose:

  • Text color: black or white
  • Text position: any corner or center

And of course all other options that you already know well are available:

  • Title slides
  • Maps
  • Custom duration for elements or general project
  • Soundtrack
  • Text-to-Speech

Here is an example of a Raw video using those special options: