Outline videos tips & tricks

The Outline theme presents your elements (images, films, maps, texts) with elaborate transitions, the elegant white stripes will structure your video and give it a professional look.

Outline effects:
The white stripe effects will be displayed when you have a group of elements (i.e. medias between custom transitions) in your timeline.
There are several different kind of effects, if your timeline has a sequence of multiple pictures that follow each other, Stupeflix will select  randomly white stripe transitions between these images.

NB: Note that each time you make changes to the custom transitions (add, remove, move) the preview of the video will look a bit different because a new set of effects has to be selected.
If you are satisfied with a particular preview, just hit export and it will keep the effects you had in the preview.

No white stripes please?
If you don’t wish to have any fancy white stripe transitions between your pictures, there is a simple way to avoid it:  adding custom transitions between each visual element will show them one by one, in full screen.

Note that this tip works well with all other themes.

What kind of videos is Outline best for?
Outline works best for videos where the whole focus is the  experience itself: it typically presents nicelylandscapenature and flower or travel pictures for example.

About portrait pictures:
If a photo in portrait orientation is shown in a landscape-shaped frame, Stupeflix applies a pan and zoom effect to show the most of it. When everything is moving fast with transitions left and right, it can result in the edges of a photo not being shown in the video. So because  Outline will zoom and cropthe elements in your timeline it makes it a bit challenging if you have pictures in portrait mode, they will be cropped a bit to fit in the landscape format of the video.

How to deal with portrait pictures?
We added a useful  feature so you can make sure that the most important part of your photo does not get cut off. To do that, just double-click your photo in the timeline, and set the key point for your photo.

Note that you can do this with the following other themes: Tiles, Comics, 1901, Snowflake, Humble and Martini
With the theme Raw you have another kind of option: choose between “Fit Screen”, “Fill Screen (crop)” and “Fill Screen (Kenburns)”

Here is an example of the editor of an outline video.
You can see that every time there were pictures with people I systematically put  transitions before and after the picture to make sure that the picture will be displayed alone however with flower pictures I find that the white stripe effects works great.
I also edited the  key point of some pictures (mostly portrait pictures) to make sure that I see what I want to see in my video.

Here the video: