Ready to make Summer Videos!

So my dear Stupeflixers, are you in the summer spirit yet? Because I am!!!
I so am that I had to make this summer video a couple days ago when the weather wasn’t too great. And my friends, it worked, because now the sun has come back! :)

Three things that I really like about it:

  • The theme Unreel that I think looks great for vacation videos, so does Scrapbook I would say. This theme has the great advantage of showing your pictures in full, so works great for landscape or portrait images
  • The music: “What it’s all about” by Charles J. Tan that you can find in our music library underFolk. It’s a greaaat song, I really love the guitar and the laid back, chilled melody. I find the lyrics match nicely with my video
  • Mix pictures and short video clips, that really makes the video alive. The trick is to lower the sound to 0% of all video clips so that you still hear the music.

Here it is, I enjoy watching it every time, hope you feel the same way about your summer videos!