Tutorial in a video: How to crochet a heart

So in my last post I was telling you about “how-to videos” that can be used for teaching.

Maybe you have a project in mind that requires others to participate, maybe you are planning a special show for an event and you need to teach the basic moves of the choreography (why not?), maybe you need to  explain something a bit tricky so you need an easy way to communicate your ideas: here is something you can do to make sure your friends, colleagues, students or anybody get the message right with your video.

  • Take your project apart and think in steps, it will make things easier to understand
  • Use titles to separate each of the steps
  • Add captions to explain the details
  • Mix pictures and videos, depending on your project a video may be clearer than a picture
  • Pick a custom duration for slides with long texts
  • Don’t forget to put a couple of transitions
  • Export and share your video with your audience

Here is an example of a how-to video. I had the project of making 100 of this little creations so I made this video to send to those who could help me.