Make a free video of your summer projects!

So what are your plans for this summer? Vacation at the beach, road trip along the coast, traveling on all continents, hiking in the woods, partying like a rockstar…?
You certainly have  lots of great things planned – all perfect materials to make a video by the way, but maybe you have something else on your mind like a special project you want to take on?

I love projects, any kind of projects – building, drawing, painting, cooking, designing – whatever you can think of and whatever your project is, a fun way to see it evolve and be built is to  make a video out of it.
Show its progress step by step, add captions to tell the story and watch your ideas come to life in your video.

It’s a fun way to  share life stories with your friends and family but also to present a successful company project or to teach students with “how-to-videos”.

Here is an example of my little project done with the  Blueprint theme. So what’s your summer project?