Top 10 tips & tricks

Top 10 introduces each element of your timeline with a countdown but if you want the countdown to be displayed for a group of photos, here is a little trick that you may find interesting.

Step 1: Create the base video

  • Using the theme Classic
  • Create a project with all the pictures you want to have in your countdown
  • Keep in mind the order of the pictures (first pictures are in last position in the countdown)
  • Set a transition (ex: fade-to-black) between each group of pictures
  • Don’t pick a soundtrack just yet
  • Export your video

Step 2: Create the Top 10 video

  • Using the theme Top 10
  • Create a new project
  • Add the base video using “Add Pictures” / “@ import from the web: here copy/paste the link of the first video you made
  • You have 1 video clip in your timeline
  • Use the edit menu to cut your video at the point of the black transition: “split in 2 clips” (repeat as many times as needed)
  • Add texts and a soundtrack
  • Export your video

You’re done! Try it in our  studio!

Here an example of how it could look like: